Review of work with Antonio Olid Manchego from OM28 Architects

For potential customers who think to do business with Antonio Olid Manchego, this review about his business practices can be helpful.

Antonio Olid Manchego claime to be "Arquitecto/Architect" and represent company Baetica and "OM28 Architects" or the BAETICA PROFESIONALES EN GESTION SL, registered at: C/ Bolívar 28, 11310 Sotogrande, Cadiz CIF B-72139660.
The main office is in Sotogrande Galerías Paniagua, local 28-29. with other office in Sotogrande on C/ Bolívar, 28.
And have 2 websites: and

Antonio Olid Manchego have been contracted to do project and project management of construction of new house in Andalucia, Spain.
From beginning he makes many statements and empty promises that he have no intention of keeping.

Also he added to the project so many additional items that don’t even exist on the plan only to increase overall cost and they fees subsequently.
And they took the money not only from clients, but also from subcontractors! This practice results in higher cost that is subsequently passed to the client.

Antonio claim to have a many years of experience, known very well construction process and going to direct and check quality and amount of work done by building company.
But in process of construction he make many obvious false claim about the work done by builders try to cover they mistake and justifying deliberately installing improper, cheapest and less amount of materials that required.
To direct and supervise the construction he employ his own relative that is 80 years old to be work as architect engineer. This man in his ages have a difficulty to read the construction plan and look like have some mental health issues. He supposed to check and direct the builders, but failed and that result in many problems, like misplaced sewage, drenaje, ac, ventilation pipes and their diameters, and many other mistakes. And without proper supervision or collaboration builder put not adequate amount and quality of materials.
I’m strongly suspect that they took money (or in other form of gratitude) from the builder to cover their mistakes or collaborate with them to install less quality materials and they amount that required by the regulations and the project.

That all is resulted in bad overall quality of the construction, water leaks, cracks and etc. Some of this defects not visible and reveal itself later then they breaks.
Also too late to know that Olid Manchego Juan Antonio is well known for this practice and have a bad reputation, also because of other bad things he done for local community.

To be continued...

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